Your job board can use any font, as long as it's hosted somewhere on the internet.

In this example, we'll add Nunito to our job board, which is font we found on Google Fonts. Google Fonts has a fantastic selection of ready-to-use fonts and is completely free to use.

Once you've selected your font:

1. Select the weight of your chosen font.

Google Fonts presents you with a range of options. From light to bold. As a rule of thumb, selecting 'Regular 400' will give your board visitors the best experience.

2. Copy & paste the import code in your Custom Code

Once you've selected your font, select the @import tab on the right hand panel. Copy and paste the code between the <style> tags, and paste in into your CSS custom code preferences on Job Board Fire.

Ensuring you have deleted the <style> tags, you should now have something like this:

@import url('');

Next, copy the code from the second Google Font code snippet entitled 'CSS rules to specify families'. Paste into your custom code in between two curly brackets, and precede it by the word body.

Your code is now ready to push live 🎉

Here is a complete example, using Nunito:

@import url('');

body {
font-family: 'Nunito', sans-serif !important;

Feel free to paste this into your CSS Custom Code Preferences to try it out.

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