You can connect a domain name to your job board in just a few minutes. If you don't own a domain name yet, we recommend NameCheap,

Once you have a domain name, just follow these steps.

Set the custom domain you want to use in your dashboard.

In your dashboard go to Preferences > General and scroll down until you see the Custom Domain field.

Once you're there, enter the domain name you want to use in the Custom Domain field and save changes.

Remember, you must only enter your domain name. Don't enter the protocol  ("http://" or "https://") at the beginning, and don't enter a path ("/jobs") at the end.

You can include a subdomain at the beginning, such as: "", or "".

Configure your DNS settings

There are two ways to point your domain name to your job board. You can create a CNAME record, or you can create an A record.

We recommend creating a CNAME record if you have set a domain name with a subdomain (such as www), or your DNS provider allows you to create a CNAME record with "@" as the hostname (NameCheap allows this).
Otherwise, create an A record.

CNAME Record

After entering your custom domain and saving scroll back down to find the CNAME Target field which has appeared.

Create a CNAME record with your DNS provider.

Use the subdomain you have set as the hostname of the CNAME record, copy/paste the CNAME Target as the value.

If you haven't set a subdomain and your DNS provider allows you to set "@" as hostname, then do that.

Otherwise set a subdomain in your dashboard, or create an A record instead.

A Record

Create an A record with your DNS provider that points to the IP address:


After setting everything up according to this guide, you will have to wait for dns propagation. The wait can vary anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours depending on your DNS provider.

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